Pratik V. Gaudana 
Entrepreneur Junagadh

“G.I.H.M.” is a word I cannot forget in my life. People say ‘behind every successful man there is a women’ but in my life it’s G.I.H.M! As a last bencher, scared to speak in front of two people, now can give speech in front of hundreds of people it’s just because of very talented , friendly natured faculties and the environment of this institute is so comfortable that a person come as a student n walk out as a professional hotelier…..


Ankit M Desai 
Restaurant General Manager Little Italy, Vadodara

It was fun when I was in gihm, always enjoyed all the moment in institute and it was a great learning experience gihm that taught me actually how succeed in competitive world and showed me way to live life.

  Anand Singh
General Manager United 21 Lake City Resorts Udaipur

“My educational journey started at Gujarat Institute of Hotel Management College in Vadodara (Gujarat). In order to get a first class education it was the most appropriate place to start !

The proficiency of the teachers and the GIHM College staff helped me achieve good results in my studies. With all the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at GIHM, I was confident and ready to face all the challenges at the GIHM. My academic year at GIHM was a successful pathway to fastest growing Hotel College in Gujarat.

The first year wasn’t bad at all. I noticed the Lecturers were nice and friendly, and surprisingly could make jokes with them, I thought to myself “I made it… I am proud of myself, helped by my parents and my teachers and lecturers ! finally finished…at last I can hold this piece of paper and call myself a Bachelor ! I am standing here holding my certificate that I worked hard for the last 7 years and I am proud myself I’m holding the position of General Manager ! It feels good ! It so does !”

Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. Therefore, I would say “It’s not the end, but just the beginning of our educational journey !”

GOOD LUCK to the current GIHM College students for both their Foundation and University Studies !


  Anand Dua
F&B Controller, City Max Hotel – Land Mark Group of Hospitality Dubai

I had chosen GIHM because I wanted a course that is really directed at a career in the hospitality industry. I love the fact that we are studying subjects that will really be useful in my future career. Being a part of GIHM was a fabulous experience as it enabled me to get a feel for the real hotel industry and to acquire a variety of skills and knowledge, all of which will be tremendously beneficial to me in the future.


  Kunal Vankani
“Best Associate” Courtyard by Marriott International

GIHM’s 7th Batch Student. When we joined GIHM hotel management had just got a little awareness however i didn’t knew a little about it, as i had just started walking on the way of life. The only thing made it what it is now is the faith and respect for what you have chosen for yourself.

Today GIHM has proved that it’s one of the world best and so do ites students. I have been chosen one of the “Best Associate for the brand Courtyard, by Marriott International for 2012” in entire Asia Pacific. To receive this award I was sent all across to Florida, USA through business class and all expense paid by Marriott International Inc.

Moral is having faith and respect in what you do and the world will have same for you.

  Moiz Akolawala
Jumeirah Group of Hotels, Dubai

First of all let me take this opportunity to thank the whole GIHM faculty’s for being the best college for the hospitality.

GIHM is the one of the majot component for my career success because where I stand right now confident in the industry is all the learning’s which i have learnt from this college. Its just not an hotel management college its a family where we have learnt the hospitality and I am so proud to be a part of GIHM as no other IHM also have no class when it comes to our studies and work.

Saying about the college it has a very versatile campus and faculties. Its one of the best college in Gujarat and as I experience the industry while working I see all want I have learnt is all through college experience.

Right now I work with Jumeirah group which has the world finest hotels like Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates tower and many more. I have reached at this point with all the hard work of the college and mine passion to the industry.

GIHM has all the tools and resources to make a person competitive in the hospitality industry and the best part is the journey of success will follow you if have passion to work in hospitality.

In just oen line to describe GIHM is the right place for you career to be started !

Hope to see you guys soon.

  Mohammand Faisal Shaikh
Hotel Lotus Downtown Metro, Front Office Supervisor, Dubai

When I initially joined GIHM, I was unaware of the inspiration and motivation I was going to get. Being at this institute has taught me a lot and has opened up many opportunities for me in hospitality business.

I just want to thank all the faculty members who helped me to achieve what i did here; It would not have been possible without your help.


Thank you all !!!!