Teaching Methodology
Finding out and developing the critical management qualities is primary objective of the Faculty members, they are using the innovative methods of teaching to clear the concepts. Conventional lectures with case studies, assignments, projects, presentations, seminars, debates, elocution, role playing helps in their development. Field work, guest lectures, ODC’s, industrial visits and educational tours are conducted to enhance their skills.
Academic Assessments
Internal assessment will be based on:
1. Student must attain 75% Class attendance in each semester
2. Have to prepare Assignments for all the subjects.
3. Have to appear in class test / internal examinations, both theory and practical
4. Internal Viva-Voce on Project study
5. General behavior.
External assessment:
The evaluation is based on the external examination conducted by the university/board.

Continuous internal evaluation is done for all courses around the year on the basis of internal tests, specific assignments, practical training, projects, etc.

Project Report:
A student has to take up a research project in Fourth Semester as a part of the syllabus. The student selects a topic of his choice relevant to his training program and during research work necessary guidance is provided to him.
Industrial Training:
As a part of the curriculum students will be provided with Six months Industrial training, they are required to complete it successfully and submit their Training Reports to the institute on time.